Flit-16 lightweight folding ebike - 2

Meet the new Commuter Edition FLIT-16

Tougher than ever. Built to turn your commute into a joy, mile after mile – with mudguards and a kickstand available as standard.

FLIT-16: Is it good to ride? Hell yeah!
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FLIT team in workshop

Meet the FLIT team

We’re a team of designers, engineers and cyclists with one belief: to save our cities we need faster, more flexible, more enjoyable ways of getting around that are good for our health, and for our planet.

A perfect design
The Flit is great for what it is designed to do. And for me that’s to get me around the city fast with no hassle.
The bike is good but what’s more important is support and the Flit team have excelled.
– FLIT Rider

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