Delivery Update

Dec 10, 2020

To those of you that have received your FLIT-16, we hope you’re enjoying your new ebike! If you haven’t received your bike yet, thanks so much for your patience, your bike will be on its way to you soon. 

We are working hard to quality check and send bikes out as quickly as possible. We want to make sure that every bike is perfect, and don’t want to compromise at this final stage.

Watch below to see the quality checking process in action. Each bike involves a series of very thorough checks to the frame, components and electrical system.

We have now finished quality checking half of all orders, and have delivered most of these. We are working around the clock to quality check and send out the remaining bikes as fast as we can.

This week, we focused on European and US orders, due to the longer delivery time, so that we can send them out before the Christmas deadlines. Most of these are now packed and awaiting collection from our courier, as they have to be sent as a single shipment. This is because ebikes have special delivery requirements, which means that they can’t usually be mixed with other packages. Once we have sent these bikes, our focus will be back on UK orders.

We have structured our deliveries like this to give ourselves the best chance of getting everyone their bikes before Christmas.


Here are some photos posted by customers on social media – thanks so much for sharing! 

Alex delivering bikes in Cambridge
Alex personally delivering bikes to local Cambridge customers
A happy FLIT customer
A very happy customer – thanks for sending us the photo Stuart!
First commute on the FLIT-16
First rides
FLIT-16 on the pier in Mumbles, Wales
Marengo in Mumbles, Wales

If you have any questions or concerns about your order please feel free to get in touch.

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