Where can the FLIT-16 be shipped to?

You can find a list of the regions that we ship to and the corresponding shipping costs here.

If your region isn't listed or you have a question about a specific country, please drop us a line at [email protected] and we can provide a quote for you.

When will my FLIT-16 be delivered?

Our first batch of ebikes (for Kickstarter backers, Indiegogo backers and any direct orders made from July 2019 - September  2020) will be delivered in September 2020.

As soon as you have ordered your FLIT-16, you'll get access to our FLIT Members' Area where you can read our latest manufacturing updates and our production timeline, so that you'll be able to see exactly which stage of manufacture your ebike is at.

Can I buy the FLIT-16 through Cycle to Work?

Yes! The FLIT-16 is eligible to buy through the Cycle to Work scheme, so you can save up to 44% on your brand new ebike. We have partnered with the main Cycle to Work scheme providers; Cyclescheme, Green Commute Initiative and Cycle Solutions.

On the 1st August 2020, when your FLIT-16 is assembled and ready to leave the factory, you can apply for Cycle to Work. 

It's important to note that the scheme providers take a commission (GCI 5%, Cycle Solutions 12%, Cyclescheme 12.5%) against the face value of your voucher.

For discounted bikes, such as the pre-sale FLIT-16, we have to pass these commission fees back to you to avoid making a loss.

For more information view our Cycle to Work page.

Does the FLIT-16 come with any warranty or guarantee?

Yes! The frame has a three year warranty, and the battery has a two year warranty. 

Find out more via our Warranty page.

How can I get my FLIT-16 serviced?

You will be able to take your FLIT-16 to any ebike store for servicing. If you need a recommendation just get in touch and we're happy to suggest one near you.

What colours is the FLIT-16 available in?

The ebike is available in three colours: Marengo Grey, Maya Blue or Blaze Orange.

If you'd like to learn a bit more about our colour choices you can read more here.

How much does the FLIT-16 weigh?

15kg, with the battery included

How far can the FLIT-16 travel on one charge?

Up to 50 km (30 miles), depending on the level of assistance chosen, the type of terrain being ridden on, and the loaded weight on the ebike (rider + luggage).

How does the motor work?

The bike senses how hard you are pedalling, and then amplifies your pedalling effort with power from the rear hub motor. 

Placing the motor in the rear wheel allows for greater acceleration and a natural feeling ride.

It's a 220W rear hub motor, powered by a lithium ion battery (which is integrated into the top tube).

Who makes the rear hub motor?

Our motor is manufactured by Bafang. We chose Bafang for their good reputation within the ebike industry, and the high quality, natural feeling ride that the motor gives. Bafang also have multiple European service centres - making servicing fast and convenient.

How do you charge the FLIT-16?

You can charge the ebike by simply plugging the charger into the nearest mains socket, and using the charging port located on the top tube.

You can also remove the battery to charge, just remove the seat post and security screw to slide the battery out, then plug into the mains using the charger.

How long does the battery take to charge?

Charging time is 3 hours. You can plug the ebike straight into a normal mains plug socket.

Does the FLIT-16 charge as you ride?

No, not on the current version of our ebike, but for future models we are looking to feature regenerative braking to recover energy during braking. Dave, our Technical Lead, has written a blog post all about why it's not possible for the FLIT-16 to charge as you pedal. You can have a read of it here. 

Will FLIT make a non-electric version of the bike?

We currently don't have any plans to build a non-electric version, however it is possible to change the assistance level on our ebike. You can choose from 6 different levels of assistance, including off, if you fancy more of a workout.

Are the handlebars interchangeable with others?

The handlebar shape and position is sensitive to how the FLIT-16 folds. On the current version it isn't possible to change the handlebars. The handlebar height however can easily be adjusted by up to 60mm to suit you.

Where are the ebikes manufactured?

We have chosen to manufacture and assemble our ebike in Taiwan, renowned for its high quality manufacturing particularly for aluminium bikes and specialist frames.

I'm worried about bike theft, does the ebike have security features?

To deter theft, a small lock on the bike's seatpost clamp can fix the seatpost in place, thereby also locking the battery into the frame.

Given how good modern angle grinders are at cutting through bicycle locks, the best way to prevent theft, especially if the ebike will be left unattended for an extended period of time, is to keep your ebike inside.

We also offer a quality folding lock that can be used if you need to lock your ebike up to quickly nip into a shop.

How do I add accessories onto my FLIT-16 order?

You can add accessories to your order via the accessories page.

If you purchased your ebike through Indiegogo you can also add accessories to your order through this page.

If you purchased your ebike through Kickstarter then please get in touch with us as you are still entitled to special Kickstarter discounts on accessories.

Are mudguards available with the FLIT-16?

We are currently developing our own folding front and rear mudguards that are available to buy as an additional accessory with the bike.

We're putting a lot of time and effort into developing these, as want to offer more than just a standard mudguard. It's really important to us that the design of the mudguards fits with the rest of the aesthetic of the FLIT-16, as well as not affecting the ability of the bike to be rolled when folded. We know that mudguards are the most important accessory (especially in the UK!), which is why we're spending a lot of time on this.

We are currently testing a few different concepts, we'll keep you updated when we have finalised the design.

Is there a bag available to put the ebike in for travel or storage?

Yes, you can add the Vincita travel/storage bag here.

Can I carry luggage on the ebike?

Yes you can. The two most common ways to carry luggage on this type of folding ebike are to either clip a bag onto the handlebars, or clip a bag onto the saddle.

We have partnered with a two great brands: Frost + Sekers and Vincita to offer compatible luggage with your FLIT-16. We are offering the Frost + Sekers Otis Saddle Bag, and a Vincita handlebar bag.

We have selected these two bags in particular as they do not interefere with your ride.

You can add both of these to your order via the Accessories page.


Does the ebike have built in lights?

Yes. We have integrated a rear light into the battery pack, and the bike also has a powerful front light.

I'm a tall rider, can I ride the FLIT-16 comfortably?

Yes! The option to upgrade to an extended 600mm seat post is available when you order your FLIT-16 in the bike builder, which is suitable for riders who are from 6ft to 6ft 6" tall. You can also buy an extended seat post later in our Accessories Shop.

The handlebars are also adjustable by up to 60mm.

Our co-founder Alex is 6ft 6" and the ebike is designed so that he can ride it comfortably.

What tyres can I use with the FLIT-16?

We have chosen to build the FLIT-16 with Schwalbe Marathon tyres due to their excellent puncture resistance.

The rims on the FLIT-16 are 16" 349 ETRTO so most tyres made for this rim type will fit. Some of the very wide tyres like Schwalbe Big Apple will not fit.

We recommend using Schwalbe Kojak, Racer, Marathon, or Marathon Plus tyres.

Are different handlebar displays available with the FLIT-16?

From the feedback that we've had from all of our test riders, we have decided to change the current handlebar display to a slightly bigger one (than the handlebar display on our original prototypes) for ease of use.

As the handlebar area is a very sensitive part of the bike in terms of the fold, we just have one display available at the moment.

Can I swap the saddle on my FLIT-16?

Yes. Our seatpost is designed to accept standard saddle rails - meaning all standard saddles are compatible.

Does the FLIT-16 have gears?

Our ebike has just one gear, but with our responsive torque sensing system you won't need any! This means less maintenance and makes the bike lighter too.

Why single speed?

We have a single speed set up (38T to 9T) that for most people will work really well. When you’re pulling away or going uphill the motor gives enough assistance that you don’t feel the need to drop down to a lower gear.

When you get to 25km/h (the point at which the electrical assistance cuts out) the gear ratio is high enough that you can cruise without too high a cadence.

We feel that the lower maintenance, improved reliability and reduced weight of a single speed transmission outweigh the benefits multiple gears.

What is the ebike like to ride with the system switched off?

The motor has a one-way clutch so when the motor cuts out (i.e. speed>25kph or system off) the wheel behaves much like a normal wheel.

Riding the bike with the system switched off is much like riding a single speed or fixed gear bike.

Why is a rear hub motor better than a front hub one?

Folding bikes tend to have a more rear heavy weight distribution than non-folders (this is to allow for a compact fold when the rear portion of the frame swings under).

This, combined with the small wheels, gives relatively little weight over the front wheel. This issue is exacerbated when going uphill, since the weight distribution shifts even more rearwards and the demand for torque from the motor increases. This can be accounted for by capping the max torque from the motor so as to minimise the likelihood of slipping but at the cost of reduced assistance.

For these reasons we opted for a rear hub motor, a good choice as our 220W gives much better acceleration than larger 250W front hub motors. This is because we can use maximum motor torque without worrying about wheel slip.

When will the battery reach the end of its life and how do I get a replacement one?

Ebike batteries will typically last for 500-1,000 charge cycles. This is dependent on how frequently the battery is charged and the conditions in which it's stored.

Here are some top tips on how to maintain your ebike battery: https://www.cyclinguk.org/article/guide-e-bike-batteries

Replacement batteries can be purchased directly from us for £250, they are available to purchase here. 

FLIT are also committed to recycling batteries sustainably - you can recycle yours by sending it back to us or a partner ebike store. Please get in touch to find out more.

Where can I get spare or replacement parts for my FLIT-16 if I need to in the future?

You can order any spare or replacement parts directly through us - all you need to do is get in touch and we can help you out.

We will keep a stock of any FLIT proprietary parts in the UK ready to be shipped if necessary to you. You can then take these directly to an ebike store near you (we will give you a recommendation on where to go) so that they can fix your FLIT-16.

Got questions? We're all ears!

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