FLIT-16 Folding Ebike: Commuter Edition

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FLIT-16 3 year frame warranty

3 year frame warranty

FLIT-16 folding ebike - riding through Cambridge

Fast to fold

Fold your FLIT-16 in under 10 seconds*. It’s simple, it’s quick – you don’t need to be a wizard to master it.

*the record is 7.4 secs to be precise!

Flit16 folding ebike carried upstairs

Incredible to ride

FLIT through the city in style, travelling 50km on a single charge.

Rolling the FLIT-16 folding ebike

Light to carry

Weighing just 15kg (that’s the same as an average cocker spaniel*) it’s easy to lift your FLIT-16 upstairs, onto the train or into your boot.

*but not quite as cute or fluffy we’ll admit

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Engineered to perfection

Yanko Design

As featured in

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“The ebike gives off a built-to-last vibe”

– New Atlas
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“One of, if not the best, folding electric bikes I’ve been lucky enough to test”

– Move Electric
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Awarded “Best lightweight folder” in their “8 of the Best Folding Ebikes”

– Ebiketips

Rider reviews

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