Kickstarter can be a little confusing sometimes (even for us!), particularly if you are new to the platform. We thought we’d give you a quick run down on how to add extra add-ons and accessories to your Kickstarter pledge – it’s simple, we promise! 

You can choose to add any of the add ons and accessories individually to your pledge, or we also have a Commuter Pack bundle which is also available for an amazing price at £340. The Commuter Pack includes:

  • FREE mudguards (worth £60)
  • FREE FLIT Power Pack (worth £15)
  • Foldylock Compact bike lock (worth £70)
  • Frost + Sekers saddle bag (worth £280)
  • Closca folding helmet (worth £110)

All you need to do head over to our Kickstarter page to choose the extras that you’d like. You’ll find these in the “Add Ons” and “Accessories” section towards the end of the page. Then login in to your Kickstarter account, adjust your pledge by the total amount that your chosen extras comes to. We’ll walk you through step by step below! 

1. Choose your add-ons & accessories

We have written a couple of blog posts that summarise the add ons and accessories available with the FLIT-16.

To find our more about the add ons available, click on the button below:

To choose your accessories, click on the button below:

You can find a summary table of the add ons and accessories available on our Kickstarter page (scroll towards the end of the page, you’ll find them after the “Rewards” section).

Here’s the section to look out for on our Kickstarter page

2. Add up the total value of your chosen extras

Just a bit of quick maths! Add the price of each of your chosen add ons and accessories up. 

Here’s a quick example…

Chosen extras:

  • Folding front & rear mudguards (£60)
  • Extended seat post (£10) 
  • Closca folding bike helmet (£85)

Total cost = £60 + £10 + £85 = £155 (this is the amount that you then need to add on to your pledge)

Please note that adding accessories and add ons to your FLIT-16 order will not effect the shipping cost!


3. Upgrade your pledge by adding the total cost of your accessories and add ons

To upgrade your pledge, head over to Kickstarter and log in to your account. 

Click on the your profile icon (in the top right hand corner of the page), and under the “Backed Projects” section, click the FLIT-16 campaign. 

Click “Manage pledge” in the top right hand corner.

The click “Change your pledge” below. 

Input the total amount that you want to increase your pledge to. Here’s an example below: 

If you choose Folding Front & Rear Mudguards (£60) + Extended Seat Post (£10) + a Closca Foldable Helmet (£85) = £155, you’d need to add £155 to your pledge. For example – if your original pledge was £1599 (Founder’s Batch FLIT-16 + shipping), you’d increase your total pledge to £1754 following the steps below. 

Have fun choosing your extras! If you’d rather wait until after the campaign has finished to select your accessories and add ons, we will be sending out a survey shortly after the end of the campaign. 

If you have any questions please feel free get in touch.

Check back here or follow our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts to find out more!

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