Anatomy of the FLIT-16, bike parts explained

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Parts of the FLIT-16, explained. We recommend watching this video as soon as you take your ebike out of the box, so that you can familiarise yourself with each part of the bike.

Parts of the FLIT-16

FLIT-16 parts

01 Handlebar clamp

02 Steerer tube

03 Clamp handle

04 Steerer hinge

05 Head tube & headset

06 Fork hinge

07 Retaining loop

08 Steering end stop

09 Pedal

10 Pedal arm (crank)

11 Chainwheel

12 Suspension

13 Rear swing arm

14 Chain tensioner

15 Motor

16 Retaining hook

17 Rear light

18 Battery (in frame)

19 Seat post quick release

20 Rear swing arm lever

21 CE frame sticker

22 Top tube

23 Steering arms



FLIT-16 handlebars

01 Brake lever

02 Display


The battery

01 LED indicator. This shows the charge level (and errors – see the separate battery instructions booklet for details).

02 Power button. This shows the charge level of the battery indicator when pressed and turns the battery on/off when held down. If the battery is not used for 24 hours or more, it will turn itself off and will need to be turned on again using this button, before you can turn the e-system on using the display. The battery does not need to be routinely turned off by the user.

03 Charge port. When the battery is installed in the bike, remove the charge port cap on the top tube to reveal the charge port. Plug the charger in here to charge the battery. The charger cable arrow should face towards the front of the e-bike.

04 Power and communication port. This is where the battery connects to the motor controller to power the bike. When charging outside of the e-bike, make sure that the charger cable arrow is on facing towards the power and communication port.


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