How to adjust the handlebar height

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Tools you’ll need

6mm allen key



Place the end of the allen key into the bolt on the handlebar clamp, and turn anti-clockwise to loosen it.

Once the clamp is loosened, move towards the front of the bike and wedge the front wheel between your legs.

Holding the handlebar grips with both hands, twist until they’re at your desired height. Please ensure that you do not adjust the handlebars above the minimum insert line shown on the opposite side.

Check that the handlebars are perpendicular to the top tube. Before you tighten the clamp, fold both the front wheel and handlebars. This is to check that they pass the top tube and the fold loop on the front wheel.

When you’re happy, make sure that the handlebar clamp is flush with the top of the painted tube, then tighten the handlebar clamp using the allen key. The clamp must be positioned only on the painted tube, not the black handlebar stem.

Tighten until the clamp feels secure, and the handlebars are locked in position.


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