How to adjust the saddle height

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Adjusting the saddle height

To adjust the saddle height, open the quick release and lift the saddle. When you’ve found a comfortable riding position, take note of the number on the seat post so you can quickly return to that position when you next unfold the bike. Do not raise the seat post beyond the minimum insertion line.


Adjusting the saddle position

Adjusting the saddle angle

The saddle can be adjusted by tipping upwards or downwards, and forwards or backwards. To do this, loosen the saddle bolts using an allen key. Play with the saddle to find a good position. Tighten the bolts again once you’re happy.


Adjusting the quick release

Saddle thumbscrew

If the quick release is too tight or too loose, you can adjust it with the thumb screw. Rotate clockwise to tighten, or anticlockwise to loosen. The thumbscrew should be done up just enough so that when the quick release lever is tightened, the seat post is not able to rotate or move downwards when you sit on the bike. Tighter than this may cause damage to the seat post quick release.   You can find detailed information on all of the above on page 15 of your FLIT-16 manual.



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