How to change the tyre/inner tube

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You'll need:

A wrench

Tyre levers


Removing the front wheel

First, remove the front wheel [insert instructions]


Removing the rear wheel

[insert instructions]


Removing the tyre / inner tube

Deflate the tyre fully.

Work your way around the tyre using your thumbs to loosen it off the rims. Do this on both sides of the tyre.

Insert a tyre lever near the valve, between the rim and the tyre, then hook onto a spoke.

Insert a second tyre lever near to the first, and work your way around the tyre to remove the bead fully from the rim.

Once the bead is fully loosened, remove the inner tube and repair or replace.

Remove the tyre from the rim. Check for damage or replace.

If reusing the tyre, carefully check for anything sharp that might have punctured the inner tube.

Ensure the rim tape securely covers all spoke holes in the rim.


Re-fitting the tyre / inner tube

Partially inflate the inner tube to prevent pinching. It should be barely inflated.

Place the partially inflated inner tube inside the tyre.

Lift the rim strip with a tyre lever near the valve. This will help make sure that the valve is correctly inserted.

Insert the valve of the tyre into the rim.

Starting opposite the valve, work the bead of the tyre onto the rim on both sides using your thumbs, tucking the inner tube between the tyre and the rim.

Using the tyre levers hook the last part of the bead into position on the rim. Take extreme care not to damage the inner tube. You may need to deflate the tube.

Ensure the tyre bead is evenly installed on the rim before refitting the wheel or inflating the tyre.

Inflate the tyre as per the How to pump the tyres article.


Refitting the front wheel

[insert instructions]


Refitting the rear wheel

[insert instructions]



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