How to charge your FLIT-16

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Charging the battery whilst it's inside the bike

To charge your FLIT-16, first assemble the charging cable by attaching the charging lead to the black transformer box.

Then open the charging port on the left-hand side of the bike, and insert the lead into the battery through the top tube. 

Align the arrow so that it faces the rear of the bike.

Then simply insert the plug into a mains power socket and switch the socket on. 

A red light on the transformer box will indicate when the battery is charging. 

When the battery is fully charged the red light will have changed from red to green.


Charging the battery outside of the bike

You can also charge your FLIT-16 by removing the battery from the bike

To do this, undo the seat post quick release and remove the seat post from the bike

Then, slide the battery out of the top tube and locate the circular charging port near the end of the battery

Then, aligning the arrow with the grooves on the battery, insert the cable and plug as before

When fully charged the indicator on the transformer will have turned from red to green and all four of the lights on the battery itself will be illuminated. 

A full charge will take approximately 3 hours.


Re-inserting the battery

To insert the battery, align the charging port with the charging port cover and slide the battery into the top tube. 

Then insert the seat post and close the quick release.



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