How to fold your FLIT-16

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Step by step guide

Stand by the chain.

Fold both pedals by placing your thumb on the pedal arm (crank) and fingers on the pedal. Then squeeze and pull the pedal up.

Spin the nearest pedal to the top 

Twist the handlebars towards you 

Step on the rear lever (behind the pedals) and lift the saddle by an inch to release the rear wheel

Then lift the handlebars and saddle to swing the rear wheel underneath the bike in a single movement. Rest the rear of the bike on the ground.

Undo the lower hinge (above the front wheel), (five full turns will do)

Holding the saddle and handlebars, lift the bike slightly until the front wheel starts to come towards you. Guide it into place with your right foot, so that it’s parallel to the top tube. 

To secure the fold, lean the bike towards you and roll forwards slightly on the front wheel, until the loop (on the front wheel) and retaining hook are aligned. Rest the bike back on the ground, so that the hook passes through the loop. 

Undo the top hinge (at the front of the bike) (five full turns will do) and lower the handlebars

To complete the fold, undo the seat post quick release and lower the saddle. 


Stabilising the folded bike

Check that the rear of the bike is resting on the feet at the rear, not on the pedals. It will not be stable if it’s resting on the pedals. To move the pedals out of the way, lift the bike from underneath the top tube and spin them out of the way. 


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