How to install front and rear mudguards

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Tools needed

4mm allen key

10mm socket or spanner

Diagram instructions

Front mudguard installation

Place a 4mm allen key into the screw holding the front light, and a 10mm socket or spanner onto the dome nut on the other side or the fork. Loosen off the dome nut until you can take the full screw out.

The arrangement on the screw will be: screw, spacer, curved washer on the front side of the fork, curved washer on the back side and then the dome nut.

Next, remove the washer underneath the head of the screw – you won’t need this with the front mudguard installed.

Place the screw through the front light bracket, followed by the plastic spacer, followed by the curved washer for the front.

Make sure that the cable is running underneath the back of the hinge, then place the screw with the front light assembly through the hole in the front fork. Holding the front light in place, put the other curved washer on the opposite side.

Next, place on the front mudguard, followed by the dome nut. Tighten the nut with your fingers initially. Place a 4mm allen key into the front screw (this holds everything in place), and then tighten further using a 10mm socket. Make sure that both the light and mudguard are straight before tightening as far as you can by hand.

Diagram instructions can be found here: How to install front mudguards

Rear mudguard installation

Rear mudguard parts: rear mudguard and its bracket (already attached), thumbscrew, hex bolt. The hex bolt goes through the hole in the bracket (with the hex shaped recess), then the thumbscrew screws onto the other side.

First, position the rear mudguard bracket on the seat tube. The mudguard should sit roughly 1cm from the surface of the wheel.

When you’re happy with the positioning, place the hex bolt through the bracket so that the hex shaped head slots into the hex shaped recess on the bracket. Place the thumbscrew on the opposite side.

Before tightening fully, check that the mudguard is aligned with the wheel. The easiest way to do this is to stand above the bike and look down on the mudguard.

Adjust as necessary, then once you’re happy tighten the thumbscrew fully. It should be tight enough that the mudguard cannot rotate.

Diagram instructions can be found here: How to install rear mudguard

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