How to remove and re-install the front wheel

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Tools needed

  • Something soft for the floor to rest your bike onto
  • 4mm allen key


Removal instructions

First, disconnect the brakes. To do this simply squeeze the arms together, hold the silver piece and push the small black part down gently to release the brakes.

Next, place a 4mm allen key into the screw located in the centre of the front wheel (underneath the retaining hoop). Holding the wheel nut with your other hand, unscrew both sides. This will release the wheel nut and a small spring the sits inside the nut. Please note the orientation of the spring – the narrower end sits closest to the wheel. Now you will be able to remove the retaining hoop and axel in one go. You’ll notice that there is another spring in the same orientation.

Next, lift the bike slightly and wiggle the front wheel to release it from the front fork arms.


Installation instructions

Before you re-install the front wheel, check the for the rotation arrow on the tyre. Make sure that the arrow is pointing in the forwards direction of travel so that the wheel is the right orientation.

Next, lift up the bike and line up the centre of the wheel with the slots in the fork arms.

Once aligned, raise the bike slightly and gently tap it on the ground to make sure that the centre of the wheel is at the bottom of the slots in the fork arms.

Next, insert the axel or “skewer” with the retaining hoop on the end through the centre of the wheel.

Place the spring on the other side, with the narrowest end closest to the wheel. Then place the nut on the end of the axel, after the spring.

Tighten the nut with your fingers until it’s hand tight, then use a 4mm allen key to full tighten the screw on the opposite side. This does not to be really tight, just enough so that the screw inside the nut is flush with the outside of the nut (as shown in the video).


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