How to turn off automatic light functionality or adjust sensitivity

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If you’d rather manually operate your integrated lights, follow these instructions.

You can also adjust the sensitivity if you’d like to keep them automatic, but find that they are turning on too frequently.

First, turn your ebike on.

Press and hold the (+) and (-) buttons simultaneously for a few seconds until the settings menu appears on the display.

Press the power button to open Settings.

Scroll down using the (-) button to Sensitivity, then press the power button to select.

To turn the automatic lights off, press the (-) button until the sensitivity is 0. Press the power button to select.

To adjust the sensitivity, use the (+) and (-) buttons to choose a number between 0 and 5 (5 being the most sensitive). Press the power button to select.

You can also view instructions on how to adjust the automatic lights in section of the display manual (page 9).

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