How to unbox your FLIT-16

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First, remove the straps from the outer box.

Open the box, and remove the second box containing the bike. 

You’ll notice an arrow on the top of the box, make sure that you’re standing the correct side.

Carefully open the bike box. Try not to damage it as you may need it in the future.

You’ll find your FLIT-16 manual and unfolding instructions at the top of the box, take this out so that you can refer to it later.

If you ordered accessories with your FLIT-16, you’ll find some of these at the top of the box. Remove these.

Then, remove the cardboard insert protecting the bike.

Next, remove your seat post and battery. 

Now, you can carefully take your FLIT-16 out of the box. 


Install the battery

First, you’ll need to install the battery into your bike. 

To do this, remove the battery from its box. Then align the charging port with the charging port cover on the bike and slide the battery into the top tube. 

Then, insert the seat post and tighten the quick release. 

You’ll notice that if you ordered mudguards or a kickstand, these have already been fitted to your bike for you.

You will find your FLIT-16 charger at the bottom of the box.


Validate your warranty

Before you unfold your FLIT-16, find your frame serial number, located at the back of the bike, underneath the rear light. You need this to register your bike and validate your warranty.

Visit and fill in your details and bike serial number on the form.


Unfold your FLIT-16

Now that your bike is registered, you’re ready to unfold your FLIT-16 for the first time! You can refer to the Fold and Unfold Instructions booklet too at this point.

Take position by the charging port of the bike 

Open the seat post quick release

Twist the saddle to your desired height, then close the quick release.

Take the saddle in your right hand, and grasp the tube on the front wheel with your left, lift both simultaneously to swing the rear wheel out from under the bike. Keep the front wheel in its position

Raise the handlebars and turn the top hinge clockwise.

Tighten as far as you can with one finger, then add a quarter turn with two

Squeeze and hold the front brake, then lift the handlebars to swing the front wheel outwards. Keep the handlebars in the same position

Turn the lower hinge

Unfold both pedals.   

Remember it like a dance. The Flit-step. 

The simultaneous lift and swing of the rear wheel

The raising of the handlebars 

And the final lifting of the handlebar

Swing Raise Lift.


Turn your ebike on

Now, turn your FLIT-16 on, by pressing and holding the power button on the display for three seconds.

Familiarise yourself with using the display and brakes.


Adjust the bike to suit you

Adjust the saddle height and position to suit you, referring to either page 13 of your FLIT-16 manual or our How to Adjust the Saddle Height article.

Now, you’re good to take your bike out for a test ride!


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