How to unfold your FLIT-16

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Take position by the charging port of the bike 

Open the seat post quick release

Twist the saddle to your desired height, then close the quick release.

Take the saddle in your right hand, and grasp the tube on the front wheel with your left, lift both simultaneously to swing the rear wheel out from under the bike. Keep the front wheel in its position.

Raise the handlebars and turn the top hinge clockwise.

Tighten as far as you can with one finger, then add a quarter turn with two.

Squeeze and hold the front brake, then lift the handlebars to swing the front wheel outwards. Keep the handlebars in the same position.

Turn the lower hinge

Unfold both pedals.   

For detailed instructions on unfolding the pedals, see here


The FLIT-Step

Remember it like a dance. The Flit-step. 

The simultaneous swing of the rear wheel

The raising of the handlebars 

And the final lifting of the handlebar

Swing Raise Lift.

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