How to unfold your FLIT-16

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Step by step guide

Undo the seat post quick release and twist the saddle up to number 5. You can adjust this later if necessary. Tighten the quick release.

Stand by the front wheel of the bike. 

Lift the bike by the saddle, and raise the handlebars. Rest the bike back on the ground, then tighten the top hinge (at the front of the bike). Tighten it as far as you can with one finger, then add a quarter turn with two. 

Holding both the handlebars and saddle, lean the bike towards you, then lift very slightly to release the front wheel from the retaining hook. Rest the bike back on the ground.

With your right hand on the nearest handlebar grip, twist the handlebars 180 degrees away from you, until the lower hinge (above the front wheel) shuts.

Tighten the lower hinge. 

Lift the bike by the saddle and handlebars to swing the rear wheel under the bike in a single movement. The rear wheel will click in place.

Unfold both pedals by spinning the pedal to the top. Place your fingers underneath the pedal and push firmly down with your palm until it clicks into place. Adjust the saddle height if necessary. 

 For detailed instructions on unfolding the pedals, see here


The FLIT-Step

Remember it like a dance. The Flit-step. Raise, Release, Twist, Lift & Swing.


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