How to use the folding front and rear mudguards

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To use your rear mudguard, unroll it, with your index finger, to the full extent. Then, bend the tail downwards to lock it into position. Repeat the process to unfold your front mudguard.



To roll again, bend the tail upwards and release.


Fitting your mudguards

FLIT-16 mudguard installation

Tools needed

10 mm spanner

7 mm spanner

3 mm allen key

4 mm allen key



Bolt the mudguard to the metal bracket as in (A), using the 3 mm allen key and 7 mm spanner (tighten each bolt to 2 Nm).

Undo the domed nut on the back of the front light bolt as in (B). Use the 4 mm allen key and the 10 mm spanner.

Mount the metal bracket on to the bolt, and screw the domed nut back onto the bolt. Use the 4 mm allen key and the 10 mm spanner (tighten to 4 Nm, or quite tight just using your fingers).


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