My FLIT-16 is showing an “Error 08” code on the display, how do I fix this?

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What does Error 08 mean?

If your display is showing an “Error 08” code on the display, this means that there is a motor connection issue. This is most likely caused by a loose connection.


How to fix

To fix this, check both motor connections as per the video above.

First, check the connector that lies underneath the motor. You should see two arrows, one on each part. Push these together, then check the display to see if the Error 08 message has disappeared.

If the Error 08 message is still showing, the next thing to check is the connector underneath the top tube. You’ll find it about two thirds of the way along the cable braiding, where there is a defined lump in the cable. Again, push both parts together, then check the display. Hopefully the message has now disappeared.


Error 08 still showing

If you have tried both connections without success, contact us at [email protected] so that we can fix this for you.


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