Things to check before your ride

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Squeeze the tyres to check the air pressure, they should feel firm. If the tyres need pumping, refer to How to pump the tyres.



Check the brakes by squeezing them and pushing the bike forwards. The brake pads should prevent the wheels from moving.



Next, make sure that both hinges are done up securely.

You should tighten them with one finger until you can turn no longer, and then add a quarter turn with both fingers.



Check that the cables are undamaged, untangled and that all connections are in place. 


Handlebar alignment

Make sure that the handlebars are aligned and secure by wedging the front wheel between your legs and twisting from side to side. 



Turn the pedals backwards to make sure that the chain is correctly in place. It should move freely and engage with each jockey wheel.



Lift the bike slightly off the ground and drop it back down. If anything shakes or feels loose, contact us, or take your ebike to a qualified ebike mechanic.


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