Why is a rear hub motor better than a front hub motor?

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We have chosen a 220W rear hub motor as we find that it gives much better acceleration than larger 250W front hub motors. This is because we can use maximum motor torque without worrying about wheel slip. 

To explain more, folding bikes tend to have a more rear heavy weight distribution than non-folders (this is to allow for a compact fold when the rear part of the bike swings under). This gives relatively little weight over the front wheel. This issue is exacerbated when going uphill, since the weight distribution shifts even more rearwards and the demand for torque from the motor increases. With front hub motor ebikes this can be accounted for by capping the max torque from the motor, so as to minimise the likelihood of slipping, but this is at the cost of reduced assistance. With the FLIT-16, the max torque doesn’t have to be capped, so you get the maximum amount of boost from the motor.

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