Meet Blaze!

Nov 15, 2019

It’s great to be able to introduce you guys to our brand new FLIT-16 in Blaze Orange! Since Dave returned from his trip to Taiwan to visit our manufacturing partner, he and Joe have been working hard to re-assemble Blaze and get him up and running. We’re really pleased with the end result – we hope you like him too! 

Blaze Orange FLIT-16 in Canary Wharf
Meet Blaze: our brand new FLIT-16 in Blaze Orange


We had loads of fun running test ride events up and down the country to gather rider feedback on the design of the FLIT-16. All of your feedback has been really valuable and has helped us create the FLIT-16 that we have today. We’re so pleased with how the design changes have improved the ride quality, comfort and overall design of the bike. 

We’ve made a short video that explains the design changes, which you can check out below! (Please note – the silver pedals on the bike at the moment are just for testing! We will be using all black pedals in production.)


  1. Handlebar height : we’ve raised the handlebar height for a more comfortable riding position
  2. New handlebar display : we’ve chosen a bigger, clearer, easier to use display based on your feedback. This one has bigger buttons as well as a charging port so that you can charge your phone as you ride!
  3. Updated headset (front section) design : we’ve opted for a wider diameter steerer tube to improve stiffness for a better ride
  4. Brakes : we’ve changed the front brake to a V-brake, which has much better stopping power!
  5. New saddle : lots of you said that you’d prefer a comfier saddle, so we’ve upgraded to a higher quality more padded saddle as standard
  6. Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres : we’ve changed the tyres for production – the Schwalbe Marathon Racers have excellent wet grip, are puncture resistant, and are great for riding all terrain in the city
  7. Chain tensioner : we’ve designed a new chain tensioner with a more robust design and a much stronger spring for improved chain tension.


Flit-16 folding bike - changes labelled


Since we completed our pilot manufacturing run we’ve revisited our production timeline, as some of the changes that we’ve made to the design has meant that things have taken slightly longer than we first anticipated.

This is mainly due to delays in the CNC factory, as changes that we made to parts of the frame have resulted in us having to make completely new tooling. The good news is that we have just signed off for the first batch of CNC parts, which are now in production!

The three other FLIT-16s made during the pilot run are currently going through mechanical testing, which will be finalised very shortly.

With new manufacturing projects there are often teething problems, but we’re working hard to manage these and get your ebike to you as quickly as we can.

If you have any questions about our updated production timeline please feel free to get in touch. Also if you’re unable to make it to our test ride events in London and Cambridge on the 23rd / 24th November but would like to book a personal test ride on Blaze at our offices, let us know.

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