“The FLIT-16’s strongest feature is its seamless blend of design and engineering”

– Yanko Design

“Everything about the FLIT looks and feels well made.”

– T3 Magazine

“First class design and craftsmanship combine to make this one of the most impressive eBikes on the market”

– The Coolector

Incredible to ride

Flit through the city in style, travelling up to 50km on a single charge. Beat traffic, avoid the crowds.

Light to carry

Weighing just 15kg (that’s the same as an average cocker spaniel*) it’s easy to lift your FLIT-16 upstairs, onto the train or into your boot.

*but not quite as cute or fluffy we’ll admit.

fast to fold

Fold your FLIT-16 in just 10 seconds, with 3 simple steps to roll the bike, and a further step to complete the fold.

“Engineered to perfection” – Yanko Design


*Available for a limited time only!

pedal effortlessly

The ebike tracks your effort, giving you a boost when you need it. No need to sweat, you’ll always arrive on time.

220W Rear Hub Motor

high torque • instant power

Choose your riding mode

Go Anywhere

The compact folded size gives you the flexibility to take your ebike anywhere. Store easily under your desk, on the train or in the hallway at home.

4 simple steps

Fold in under 10 secs

Store easily

Power UP

With the latest lithium ion technology built into the frame, you can go further, faster.

230 wh capacity

Up to 50 km

charge time 3 hrs

ride smooth

The FLIT-16’s unique suspension system makes sure your journey is always a smooth one.


Custom Built Suspension

Elastomer* discs sandwiched between hard aluminium fins: the elastomer discs convert movement from bumpy roads into heat, whilst the aluminium fins draw the heat away.

*This is the same high performance springy material used in sport shoes and shock absorbing phone cases

Never be let down

You can trust that the aluminium frame won’t rust, and with stainless steel reinforcement it’s built to last.



Minimising wear, maximising the lifespan of the frame.

Flit warranty icon white


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*Available for a limited time only!

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