New to Electric Bike? Top tips looking after one…

FLIT’s design lead, Matt offers some tips to help look after an Electric Bike

Electric bikes have become increasingly popular for their eco-friendly and efficient transportation solutions. To ensure you get the most out of your electric bike we’ve spoken to Matt, FLIT’s Design Lead on the M2 for some tips on looking yours.

Weather and temperature:

While you can’t control the weather, there are steps you can take to ensure your electric bike performs at its best. The compact and folding design of bikes like the FLIT M2 offers the advantage of easy indoor storage, maintaining a more constant temperature for your battery. If you prefer keeping your bike outdoors or are storing your bike for an extended period of time, the FLIT M2’s removable battery allows you to bring it inside, ensuring your battery stays happy.


Though you may not always have a choice over the terrain you ride on, if you do, you can help extend your electric bike’s range with some simple steps. Opt for smoother roads over gravel paths, or choose a slightly longer but flatter route during your commute. Minimising stops and starts at traffic lights.  We’re not suggesting you jump the lights but taking a route with fewer can also help conserve energy, providing you with a few extra kilometres of range.  Another way to think about it, anything that would make your legs more tired is likely to impact range too.  Lots of stops and starts can be more draining on legs and battery alike.

“The M2 is powered by a 250watt motor and the battery is tested to make sure it will reach the 50km specified range. We’ve field tested the M2 with a ~80kg rider in moderate conditions, i.e. not mid-summer and not Siberian winter”

Matt, Design Lead on the M2 Project


The weight of both the rider and luggage plays a significant role in determining your electric bike’s range. Folding bikes, like the FLIT M2, often have a recommended maximum combined weight. Riding at the upper limit of this recommendation can decrease your range.

FLIT have worked hard to reduce the weight of the M2 as much as possible getting it to around 14kgs helping increase the range of the bike.

Bike Upkeep:

Regular maintenance is a key aspect of maximising your ebike’s range. Simple tasks such as keeping your tyres at the right pressure and ensuring components are in good condition can ensure optimal performance.

“Overall upkeep is a good habit to develop to extend the life of your bike.  FLIT provide plenty of videos offering tips and best ways to keep on top of maintenance.  You can view these on the FLIT YouTube channel.”

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