Warranty information

To keep your FLIT in good condition and protect your warranty, we strongly recommend that you have it serviced only as recommended in the manual and any supporting documentation that FLIT sends to you. If you do need to claim under these warranty terms please contact us to arrange the repair or replacement of the relevant parts. This warranty is for new bikes on:

  • The frame for 3 years
  • The electrical system (display, bottom bracket torque sensor, battery, and motor) for 2 years.
  • Other, non-wearing parts on your e-bike (pedal arms (cranks), brake calipers, etc.) for 2 years.

Please ensure you keep your invoice and warranty details safe for future reference. Register your frame serial number here: https://flit.bike/warranty-registration/

For outlet bikes, the warranty is 1 year.

Within these warranty periods FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED warrants any FLIT e-bike to be free from any defect in materials used for manufacture, and/or workmanship at the time of its manufacture.

  • Any part found to be defective under these terms during this period will be repaired or replaced by FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED or a suitable mechanic selected by FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED.
  • Any part replaced under these warranty terms will be covered for the remaining warranty period of the bike.
  • Any parts replaced under warranty must be returned to FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED and will become the property of FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED.
  • FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED may, at its discretion and from time to time, make repairs or replacement of defective parts falling outside the warranty period, but such work shall not be deemed to be any admission of liability.
  • The warranty may not be transferred to subsequent owners a FLIT e-bike.

Conditions and exclusions

1. Normal wear and tear – The mileage that the bike covers and usage will also affect the expected life of aluminium components such as the hinge clamps, which should be replaced at least every 5000 miles of use, or other wearing components including but not limited to brake pads, brake cables, chain, chainwheel, chain tensioner or rear sprocket, and do not, therefore, come within the warranty terms for the bike, detailed above.

2. The warranty does not apply to damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect.

3. This warranty applies only to the original retail purchaser and is not transferable.

4. The warranty described is only valid within the country which the e-bike was purchased in, or if bought online direct from FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED, the country the purchaser set as the destination country.

5. E-bikes exported from one country to another will be supported within the warranty period by the free issue of parts from the factory, where necessary. However, it may be necessary to charge for labour to undertake warranty repairs, and for any import duty levied on the free-issue parts.

6. The e-bike must not have been used for unauthorised competition, misused*, inadequately maintained, or incorrectly serviced or maintained.

7. The bike must not have been subject to any modification, repair or replacement other than as authorised by FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED.

8. The repair shop or mechanic must be approved by FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED for any work undertaken to fulfil the terms of this warranty.

9. Defects caused by faulty adjustment, or repairs and alterations performed by any unauthorised party are not covered by this warranty.

10. Defects caused by the use of parts and accessories not authorised by FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED, are not covered by this warranty.

11. The warranty does not cover the cost of removal and replacement of parts and accessories unless supplied as original equipment or recommended by FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED.

12. Components which are expected to wear as part of their normal function, such as tyres, bulbs, chains, sprockets, brake pads etc are excluded from the terms of this warranty unless there is a manufacturing defect in the part.

13. Other items excluded from warranty are the saddle, luggage, paint, chrome, polished aluminium items, or decal where the deterioration has been caused by normal wear and tear, exposure or lack of correct maintenance.

14. Any battery supplied, apart from the electrical assistance system battery, is excluded from the warranty, save for any leaks present at the time of purchase.

15. The warranty does not cover bikes used on a commercial basis, e.g. by couriers or despatch riders, etc.

16. The warranty does not cover defects which have not been reported to FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED within ten days of discovery of the defect.

17. Your e-bike will require more frequent servicing if operated in severe climates or conditions, such as a marine environment or heavily salt-treated roads; in deep snow (above half axle height); in dusty/sandy terrain. Such environments will potentially cause premature failure of finishes to the frame and components, and such deterioration is excluded from these warranty terms. FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED has taken great care in the selection of materials, plating and painting techniques so as to provide its customers with a quality cosmetic appearance allied to durability. However, where your e-bike is often used in hostile environmental conditions such as those indicated, it is essential that the e-bike is washed, dried, and that lost lubrication is replaced to ensure your e-bike remains in the best condition. Ultimately, the appearance of your e-bike will very much depend on the care it receives.

18. Should a warranty claim become necessary, FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED shall not be liable for the cost of transportation of the e-bike to or from a repair site selected to fulfil the repair, work, or labour on the e-bike as set out under these warranty terms, including costs associated with loss of use, inconvenience, lost time, commercial losses or other incidental or consequential damages.

This warranty shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and any questions arising from this warranty shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Any statement, condition, representation, description or warranty otherwise contained in any catalogue, advertisement or other publication shall not be construed as enlarging, varying or overriding anything contained herein.

FLIT (CAMBRIDGE) LIMITED reserves the right to make alterations or improvements, without notification, to any model or machine, without obligation to do so to bicycles already sold.

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

*Misuse includes any use not in accordance with the recommendations made in the owner’s manual, and any use contrary to the warnings given in that same handbook. In addition, misuse includes, but is not limited to, any use of the e-bike which does not constitute normal road use, as your FLIT is intended for use on roads and well-made paths. It is not designed for cross country riding, which can overstress the frame and for which the tyres and wheels are unsuitable.



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