Engineering Stories: first parts made off manufacturing tooling

Sep 20, 2019

After an incredible end to our Kickstarter, we are very excited to let you know that manufacture is underway!

The FLIT-16, as you guys know, was designed and built around our custom lithium ion battery pack, which has enabled us to fully integrate the electrical system into the frame. As our battery is custom-built for the FLIT-16, we had to make our own moulds in order to manufacture the parts that make the battery pack unique.

We have finished the tooling now and have started trialling our first few runs of injection moulding!

Flit ebike - first parts of manufacturing tooling
First trial shot with the injection moulding tooling for the battery parts!

We’re pretty pleased with how the first injection moulding trial run went! On the left, the clear parts are the connector housing for the battery. On the right, the top row is the head caps for the battery, these contain the charging port (see the port on the far right head cap). The middle row is the end caps for the battery, and the bottom row is the battery management system (BMS) holder. 


Dave, our Technical Lead, is off to Taiwan soon to supervise the very first FLIT-16s being made by our manufacturing partner!

In previous rounds of prototyping, we already completed mechanical testing according to the ISO standards. We are currently manufacturing a small batch of production FLIT-16s which will undergo a new round of even more rigorous mechanical frame testing that goes beyond the required safety standards. We want to push the frames to their limit for added confidence before they hit the road.

Once Dave is settled in, we will send you a more detailed update from Taiwan, including some photos and video!

One of these FLIT-16s will be coming back with Dave from Taiwan (painted in Blaze Orange!), so we will update you with pictures as soon as we can!

Dave measuring hinge parts
Dave checking measurements of the stainless steel hinge inserts during his last visit to Taichung.

If you have any manufacture related questions from this post, please feel free to ask! Dave is happy to answer any specific queries. 

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