Fast to fold? Try 7.4 secs! #Flitfoldfast competition winner

Mar 18, 2021

We’ve had lots of fun with our FLIT riders over the past couple of weeks! One of the most common questions that we get asked is how quick and easy the FLIT-16 is to fold, so we thought we’d challenge our riders to see how fast they can fold their ebike.

The answer: incredibly fast!

Stuart, the FLIT Fold Fast champion
Stuart, officially crowned the FLIT Fold King, celebrating after his winning fold.

First, watch the FLIT Team’s best efforts

To kick off our #FlitFoldFast competition, we needed to set the bar. There’s nothing like a bit of team rivalry, and Alex and Dave (our co-founders) were keen to rise to the challenge.

Alex’s attempt

Alex spent an afternoon perfecting his technique to get his fastest possible fold. Being 6ft 3″ tall and incredibly long limbed was no doubt an advantage – his technique was dependent multi-tasking, doing at least 2 different things at the same time throughout.

Alex’s fastest time: an impressive 9.3 seconds!

Watch his fastest fold, plus his hints ‘n’ tips on how to fold like a pro below.

Dave’s turn

Dave (our Technical Lead, and Co-Founder) was determined to beat Alex.

So much so that by the end of filming, he had shredded the skin on his hands, jabbed himself in the eye and nearly winded himself. (We didn’t realise that we needed to put out a safety warning on this competition!)

His determination paid off, securing the FLIT team record with a super fast time of 8.46 secs! 

Watch below to see Dave’s fastest fold – stay until the end if you’re down for a laugh, we’ve included some of his failed attempts too.

Our #FLITFoldFast winner

Sorry Dave, despite your best efforts, your record time didn’t hold out for long!

Fuelled by determination to beat the FLIT founders, we opened the up the competition to our FLIT riders.

We were pretty astounded by the entries we received, all with incredibly fast times. But there was one that we were truly blown away by.

At 7.43 seconds, it’s safe to say that Stuart absolutely smashed it. Massive congratulations Stu, you are officially the FLIT Fold King!!

Watch below to see Stuart’s insanely fast fold and winning entry of our competition.

We hope you enjoyed watching some FLIT fast folding!

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