FLIT’s Favourite Accessories for City Cyclists

Jul 12, 2019

Lots of you have been asking about the accessories that will be available or compatible with our ebike – so we are very excited to announce some of the brands that we have chosen to partner with!

For those of you that are purchasing the FLIT-16 through our Kickstarter page, please add the cost of the add-ons onto your pledge. We’ve written a short blog post on how to do so here

We will also be offering a number of add-ons with the ebike, these include: (you can find out more in our blog post here)

– Folding mudguards
– Spare battery pack
– Spare charger
– Extended seat post

Flit-16 folding ebike x Closca helmet


We’ve had lots of queries about luggage and what will be compatible to carry on the FLIT-16. Over the past few weeks we have been rigorously testing many different bag designs that attach onto different areas of the ebike.

The most important thing to us when choosing the best bags and attachment mechanisms has been making sure that they don’t effect quality of your ride.

After numerous tests, we have settled on two different bags; one which attaches to the saddle, and one which attaches to the front of the ebike.


We are very pleased to be collaborating with Frost + Sekers, a British bag company that both design and hand-make their bags in the UK. They use a Quicklock saddle mount system to attach their bags to bikes – which works perfectly with our folding ebike. The system makes the bag very easy to clip in and out in seconds. 

Frost + Sekers Saddlebag on the FLIT-16 folding ebike

We will be offering their black Otis saddle bag as an add on to anyone that purchases the FLIT-16 during our Kickstarter page. The Otis bag is the perfect size for city cycling – it is designed to easily fit a 15″ laptop, iPad, chargers and notebooks in (what more could you need!).

The bags are also water repellent – made from durable wax cotton duck canvas. They are also beautifully finished with real leather straps and nickel plated brass buckles.

Size: 40 x20 x 21cm

Capacity: 16L

Flit x Frost + Sekers Bag


We have partnered with Vincita to create a bag that attaches to the handlebar stem of the FLIT-16. 

This handlebar bag is W 37 cm x D x 15 cm x H 22 cm. It’s volume 12 L – so it’s perfect for carrying notepads, iPads, wallets etc. With a padded internal pocket and three external pockets – it’s great for keeping everything organised!

Flit x vincita handlebar bag

The bag is made from durable 600D coated PU and is water resistant. The bag contains a convenient outer zip pocket which is great for keeping things that you need easy access to e.g. mobile phones. 

Sold with a KlickFix adapter to mount to the handlebar stem of the FLIT-16 – this bag is super easy to clip on and off the bike, whilst still being attached very securely. 



We have collaborated with the well known bike accessory brand Vincita to create a bike travel and storage bag that fits the FLIT-16 in when folded.

The bag packs into a very compact size, so it’s very easy to take with you. It is also made with extremely durable 600D water resistant fabric to help protect your ebike from the dust, dirt and damage.

The bags also come with a removable shoulder strap – so you can attach this easily to the bag to carry it onto the bus, train, or into the hallway at home.

Flit x Vincita bike transport bag
Dimensions: Width 106 cm x Depth 31 cm x Height 70 cm, Volume 174 L
Flit x Vincita bike transport bag folded and unfolded
Dimensions when folded: Width 32 cm x Depth 23 cm x Height 11 cm


For our favourite helmet, we obviously had to choose a foldable one.


We partnered with the iconic helmet designer Closca with their folding classic Closca helmet. The helmet is available in different colourways – but we love the classic look of the black helmet and grey peak. This is the one that we are offering to Kickstarter backers.

Closca Folding Helmet Black

The helmets fold to a compact size that fits easily into standard backpacks and saddle bags – making them really easy to carry around.

The helmet is not only very cool looking, but also super comfy to wear. All of our test riders have loved trying them out!

*The Closca Helmet comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. We will be sending a survey out after the campaign for you to choose your size. 

Flit lightweight folding ebike + closca helmet


Although it’s easy to take our folding ebike inside, there are times when you may want to lock the bike outside instead.


To make sure you ebike is secure – we’ve partnered with Seatylock, inventor of the Foldylock compact – which is a compact folding bike lock perfect for city cyclists.

They come in four cool colours: black, grey, orange or blue. The lock is not only compact, but extremely lightweight too – making them super easy to carry around.

We’ll be offering the Foldylock Compact in every colour to our backers, we’ll be sending a survey out after the campaign so that you can choose your colour!

FLIT lightweight folding ebike - foldylock compact


We are firm believers at FLIT of the fact that you don’t need to have pro cycling gear to cycle the city. With our ebike there’s no need for lycra because you won’t even break a sweat! 

We do, however, love the range of casual cycle wear by Samvær – another Cambridge based brand. All of Samvær’s clothing is made in the UK using sustainably sourced materials.

Their collection includes everything from shirts to outer jackets, all made with cycling in mind using breathable fabrics that are perfect for city commutes.

We particularly love their Classic Jacket: made from 100% Yorkshire-woven wool combined with their waterproofing Nanosphere technology.

The jacket also features a high vis strip in the back section – only visible when in riding position – to make sure that you are seen on the road.

*You can purchase all of Sam Vær’s clothing directly through their website.

Sam Vaer Commuter Cycling Jacket

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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