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Engineering Excellence: The FLIT M2’s Rider-Centric Folding Bike Geometry

Interview with Matt, Design Lead at FLIT

In the world of folding eBikes, rider comfort and a well-thought-out geometry can make all the difference in your cycling experience. Matt, the Design Lead at FLIT, delves into how the M2’s ride position has been reimagined to prioritise rider comfort, taking the folding ebike’s overall design to new heights.

A More Upright Ride Position for Urban Navigation

Right from the outset, FLIT envisioned the M2 as a folding ebike with a difference. Matt explains, “We decided early on to give the new M2 a more upright feeling ride position, similar to what you might find on a Dutch town bike. We believe that this [riding] position makes it ideal for city riding as this puts you in a more commanding position on the road so you can clearly see what’s ahead of you.”

The decision to adopt an upright riding position has multiple benefits. Not only does it enhance road awareness and visibility, but it also greatly improves overall comfort during your ride. 

Unlike geometry that push a rider’s weight forward the M2’s ergonomic design prioritises rider position making it more relaxed and less cramped – keeping your knees away from the handlebars.  Giving the rider a sense of being on a larger bike.

Ensuring Comfort and Stability

It’s crucial to note that the M2’s rider-centric design isn’t merely a matter of comfort—it’s also about stability and control. Matt emphasises, “A weight-forward position like this can also make the bike’s steering feel a little wobbly, which is something FLIT wanted to make sure they avoided in the design of the M2.”

The M2’s exceptional comfort and stability are the result of meticulous engineering that places the rider at the centre of the project.  If you’re curious to experience the difference for yourself, you can test ride the M2 at FLIT’s Cambridge HQ.  

You can watch Matt’s interview here.

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