We had a recent report from a rider who had noticed that one of their hinge bolt caps had come loose.

We believe that this is an isolated event where thread-locking compound was not applied during assembly.

As a precaution, we are asking everybody to check the four hinge bolt caps on their bike.

The location of these parts on your bike is shown below:

Hinge bolt cap locations

Below are photos showing what your hinge bolt caps should look like, and the loose one that we saw.

What they should look like:

Hinge bolt cap - what they should look like

What a loose one looks like:

Loose hinge bolt cap

The finger check

If yours don’t look loose as shown in the photo above, please also check the tightness by placing your finger on the hinge bolt cap and turning. If you can turn it with your fingers, tighten as far as you can just with your fingers. 

Please do not use an allen key as this risks rounding the head of the screw.

What to do if yours are loose

If any of yours are sticking out, or if you had to tighten any of them with your fingers, please let us know. We can then send you a new screw with pre-applied thread locking compound, alongside video instructions on how to correctly install.

Please do not attempt to service the hinge bolt caps yourself in the meantime as this risks rounding the head of the screw.

The hinge is designed so that even if one hinge bolt cap was to completely fall out the hinge would still maintain structural integrity. However, is it likely that the threads in the hinge would be permanently damaged if this were allowed to happen, which would require replacement of the entire hinge assembly, so please check yours as soon as you can.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation on this.

Best wishes,

The FLIT Team

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