Blaze Test Rides, Manufacturing Update & Our Tell a Friend Campaign

Nov 29, 2019

Flit16 folding ebike - Look Mum No Hands test rides
Alex demo-ing Blaze, our brand new Blaze at Look Mum No Hands this weekend


Thanks so much to all of you that came along to our test ride events in Cambridge and London at the weekend! It was great to meet you and get your feedback on Blaze, we’re really pleased that you like the design changes that we’ve made.

Here’s one of our favourite quotes from the weekend:

“It performed impressively, using only a 220 watt motor driving the rear wheel. Very easy to ride with quite a “kick” from the motor when you start pedalling.”

Flit lightweight folding ebike - CNC manufacture
From the CNC factory – CNC manufacture is well underway!


It’s all go over in Taiwan! We have now manufactured 42 sample batteries, which are currently being tested as part of their certification process. Manufacture of the CNC parts is also well underway which is really exciting!

We’re still on track for completing both the battery certification and manufacture of these CNC parts by the end of December.

In our next update we’ll be sharing a video with you with some footage from the factory, showing you guys how CNC milling turns blocks of aluminium into parts of the FLIT-16!

Flit lightweight folding ebike - tell a friend
We’re offering you guys a £50 reward for every friend that you get to FLIT with us – and they’ll get £99 worth of shipping off their order too!


Reckon your mates would be interested in getting around #FasterWithFLIT? For every friend you refer, we will knock £99 worth of shipping off their order, whilst you get £50 refunded from your own FLIT-16 – sounds good right?

All you need to do is share the following instructions and your unique referral code (found in our latest email update) with your friends (via email, Facebook, carrier pigeon… by any means you see fit!).

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Choose your ebike colour and add any accessories
  3. Add your unique code: [*From our latest update email*] into the ‘Coupon Code’ section at checkout – this will take off £99 worth of shipping!
  4. We’ll deliver your FLIT-16 to you in Spring

As soon as we receive your friend’s order we’ll refund you with £50 so that you can celebrate together!

If you have any questions about this week’s update, our Tell A Friend campaign or would like to organise a test ride on Blaze please feel free to get in touch.

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