Dave’s explainer: how the rear swing arm is made

Dec 13, 2019

Dave explains how the rear swing arm of the FLIT-16 is manufactured… with footage directly from the factory!


The 42 battery samples that we completed last week are in their final stages of testing.

CNC manufacture is progressing nicely! Currently the yokes (which form part of the rear swing arm that connects to the suspension) are being made – the footage that you can see in the Dave’s explainer video was taken in the CNC factory just a few days ago.

The nature of CNC is always a pretty slow process – to give you an idea, we can make four yokes on each machine per day!

Everything is on track timewise though which is great news.

Yoke CNC
A CNC-ed yoke


We have just placed the orders for your accessories! We will be packaging these up along side your FLIT-16, so that they will arrive as one big delivery in May.

We’ve decided to do it this way as we’re now going to ship all of the bikes to FLIT HQ in the UK and distribute them from there, instead of from our manufacturing partner in Taiwan. This allows us to personally check all of your orders before we send them out!

FLIT-16 folding ebike with Frost + Sekers Otis Bag
The Frost + Sekers saddle bag mounted onto the FLIT-16.

As always, if you have any queries about our latest update just shout!

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