The M2’s upgraded electrical system

Close up of the rear swing arm and motor

Taking a closer look at the new system powering the M2

We knew when we started designing the M2 that ebike electrical systems had come a long way from when we designed the FLIT-16. We’re always very focused on using the best components on our ebikes, so we knew that we had to check out some of the newest systems that addressed the following issues:

  1. Improved reliability. Older systems can develop problems, for example due to poor connections or water getting into the system
  2. Less drag. Newer systems have less drag due to better gearbox designs, leading to lower demand on the battery when the system is on and better performance when pedalling with the system switched off.
  3. Lighter. The motor we used on the FLIT-16 was good for its time, but developers have been working to bring weights down since then.
  4. More compact. Better build quality has led to the components being more tightly packed into the motor casing.
  5. Quieter. Better build quality has also reduced vibrations that can cause noise.
  6. Responsiveness. Improved torque sensors give a much better feel to the ride and they are more responsive to how much pressure you put on the pedals.

Research and testing phase

When picking out an electrical system supplier we assessed a lot of different motors and other components, including taking them apart to see how well they were made. We also considered how well the systems matched what we were trying to build: the best lightweight folding ebike on the market.

Bosch, for example, makes some of the best ebike systems around but we couldn’t use them because:

  1. They only make mid-drive systems which would make our bike unacceptably bulky and heavy.
  2. They require ebike designers to use all Bosch electrical components and none of their batteries were suitable for a lightweight folding ebike.

After assessing dozens of systems, we settled on one company that stood out from the crowd: Mivice.

The origins of Mivice as we know them

Mivice is a brand of the M&S E-Driving Company who have been making electric motors for 25 years, including 8 years in collaboration with Bosch.  Working with such a prestigious and demanding client meant that M&S had to conform to Bosch’s rigorous build specifications and quality requirements, helping them to hone their skills.

But Mivice also saw a gap: Bosch, their biggest client, only made mid-drive systems and was completely uninterested in the lighter and more-flexible-to-install-hub motors that are perfect for folding bikes.

So, in 2017 M&S launched Mivice as its own brand of high-performance ebike hub motors and accompanying electrical systems. In the years since they have built a reputation for performance and reliability, including great write-ups from the cycling press:

“The Mivice M070 rear hub motor is one of the smallest motors we have seen on an e-bike. It still packs a reasonable punch, but does so extremely quietly. It’s easy to forget you are riding an e-bike so smooth, intuitive and virtually silent is the motor. (Turn the power off though and you’ll soon realise how much assistance it really was giving you).”

Richard Peace, ebiketips.co.uk

“MIVICE overcame many of the technical limitations of hub drives, giving bike manufacturers more freedom with the design of discreet and lightweight ebikes for urban mobility.”

– Design & Innovation Award 2023

Not only have we personally ridden thousands of miles testing the Mivice system for the M2, but we have also dismantled samples and worked with Mivice to adjust their software to the exact needs of the M2. We’ve been impressed by the build quality and performance and are confident that their electrical system will give the best riding experience without making the bike heavy or bulky.

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