FLIT-16 Vs the M2

Taking a detailed look at the upgrades made on the M2 compared to the FLIT-16

The FLIT-16 was a great first bike and we learnt a lot about what did work, what didn’t and most importantly where improvements could be made.

clean aesthetic

At first glance the M2 is a much tidier bike than the FLIT-16 in large part due to the internal cable routing. This has a few benefits beyond simple aesthetics. A common problem we came across with the FLIT-16 were connection related issues within the electrical system. We found that when folded, riders typically pick up their bike taking hold of the main top tube and thus pulling the cables. By routing the cables internally it makes the bike easier to carry and, most importantly, it protects the cables from additional wear and tear and accidental tugs whilst carrying. This has greatly reduced connection issues in our real-world testing making the system more robust.

compact & steady

Beyond making the M2 smaller than the FLIT-16 (26% smaller) we wanted to improve it’s stability when folded. On the FLIT-16 we used the commonly adopted method of designing the bike to be stabilised by the seat post when folded. Whilst this did work we felt it could be massively improved upon. This lead us to the neat solution of ‘feet’ designed into the frame making the bike much more stable no matter the position of the seat post when folded.

Quick & easy fold

Whilst the fold is quick and easy with both models of FLIT bike, we managed to make it easier on the M2 clearing the area around release clip meaning there is nothing to get in the way when folding the bike.

As you can see in the image below, the whole of this area of the bike is clear – a result of internal cabling, new frame design and assembly (bonded rather than welded) and the ‘feet’ feature acting as both structural support when folded and unfolded.

Release clip area of the M2 side by side with the FLIT-16

Moving the brakes and fixing a rear mudguard to the rear wheel further cleared this area further. To move the brakes, however, the only option was to use disc brakes. Whilst a touch heavier than calliper brakes, they have better stopping power so a decision worth taking.

Overall the M2 to 26% more compact, a kilogram lighter and a much more refined bike. A clear showcase of all we learned from the FLIT-16.

We’re excited to be delivering the first of the pre-ordered M2s in the coming weeks.

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