Five reasons you should start cycling to work

Jan 1, 2020

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It’s that time of year again! Are you setting yourself some resolutions for the New Year?

Have you thought about switching up your commute? Save time, save money, and help save our planet too by cycling to work in 2020. 


Did you know that the average London driver spends and incredible 9 days stuck in traffic every year? Drivers in other cities like Birmingham, Glasgow, and Manchester aren’t far behind.

Meanwhile drivers’ average speed in London and Edinburgh is just 7 mph during rush hour – which is the speed of a fast paced jogger.

Hopefully these two facts give you an idea of how much time you could save by switching up your commute and cycling to work instead. 

Modern life can be stressful, but you can take steps to mitigate that. Cycling is proven to help us reduce the levels of hormones that cause stress. It also stimulates the release of endorphins – which are known as our ‘feel good’ hormones – making us feel happier!

If making us happier and less stressed wasn’t enough, cycling also helps to improve our brain function – making us sharper and more focused! Maybe you don’t need those 6 cups of coffee after all…

Humans haven’t evolved to sit down in front of computers all day, and cycling to work adds exercise into your daily routine without needing a gym membership. Seems like an obvious fix, right?

It’s a common misconception, particularly in the UK, that riding an ebike is the lazy option. We don’t think that’s right. Most ebikes in the UK are pedal assist bikes, which means that you’re still getting your exercise in – the motor just gives you an added boost when you need it.

There is now plenty of evidence that proves that if you have an ebike, you’re likely to cycle further and more frequently. That balances out the lower pedalling intensity compared to conventional bikes, and makes cycling a realistic option for people who otherwise wouldn’t consider it.

Our cities are at breaking point: they are increasingly congested, polluted, and can be a nightmare to navigate. 

Not only does cycling to work help de-congest our cities, according to CycleScheme, cycling to work saves 133,452 tonnes of CO2 each year in the UK alone!

Copenhagen is a great example of somewhere that has been revolutionised just by encouraging cycling and reducing the number of people driving in the city. The high streets there are booming, as the city is a much nicer, more pedestrian friendly place to be.

Tired of paying expensive tube fares or endlessly having to top up your petrol?

According to research by Cyclescheme, cycling is one of the most cost efficient ways of getting to work – only walking will save you more! On average across the UK, the annual cost of getting to work is £396 for cyclists, £848 for bus commuters, £1,320 for rail commuters, and £3,727 for drivers. This difference is even more pronounced in major cities like London.

Even better, because ebikes are such an efficient way to move around, their operating cost isn’t much higher than a conventional bike! This means that an investment in a good quality ebike quickly pays for itself.


Persuaded to start the New Year with a new commute yet? There’s more! 

In the UK, you can save up to 42% on a brand new bike through the Cycle to Work scheme! Plus, the rules have just changed (removing the £1,000 spend limit) so that most ebikes are now included – which means that you can save up to 42% on your FLIT-16. 

We’ve written pages about cycling to work here


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