Manufacturing update: demo bikes back in the UK!

Mar 21, 2020

*As you will be aware, all sorts of companies have been severely affected by the current coronavirus outbreak. We’ve written a blog post about how it has affected us and our manufacturing timeline here.

Hi guys, Dave here – back in the UK now after my Taiwan trip.

I brought some pretty special luggage back with me… two brand new FLIT-16s!

These are the bikes that I’ve been assembling in Taiwan as a dummy run for the final assembly of our first batch of FLIT-16s. They look absolutely beautiful, so I’m super excited to give you a sneak preview.

Over the next few days I’ll be reassembling them in our offices in Cambridge, ready to reveal to you all very soon!

I’ve made a short video below which gives you the first look at our brand new marengo grey ebike, plus shows you the new headset and how it works.

An explainer on some of the design changes that we’ve made since our pilot manufacturing run… it’s great to see these in the flesh!


Flit folding ebike - new marengo grey bike
Sneak preview of the top tube from our new Marengo Grey FLIT-16. What do you guys think?


Whilst I was in Taiwan, we hit another major milestone: all of the mechanical testing is now complete!

Footage from the final day of mechanical testing with our new headset design: it passed with flying colours.

You might remember our previous update that explained our decision to tweak the headset design – I’m really pleased to say that the new design works beautifully.

The changes that we’ve made will not only make maintenance easier, they will also increase the lifespan of your bike frame and make steering smoother.


Updating the headset has also allowed us to tweak the hinge design slightly since our pilot manufacturing run to build Blaze. Instead of using hinge pins, we’ve developed fully removeable hinge bearings.

Like the headset redesign, this also makes the hinges way easier to service and increases the lifespan of your bike frame. The parts are made of 440C stainless steel, which is a special alloy that has both excellent corrosion resistance and hardness.

Flit folding ebike - new hinge pins
The front fork hinge on our new Marengo FLIT-16
Flit ebike - new hinge design
Fully removable hinge bearings: lengthening the life of your FLIT-16 frame


Next week, I’ll be finishing off re-assembling our brand new demo bikes Marengo and Maya ready for test riding!

Can’t wait to share some photos of the finished bikes very shortly.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about our latest update please feel free to get in touch!

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