Engineering stories: batteries complete + demo bike assembly

Mar 12, 2020

As some of you may know, Dave, our Technical Lead is currently over in Taiwan with our manufacturing partner.

Whilst he’s over there he’ll be putting the bike through it’s final round of electrical testing, as well as assembling two demo bikes. Dave will be bringing these production FLIT-16s back to UK for test rides which is really exciting!

He’s made a quick vid for you guys to have a watch of to explain what he’ll be doing for the next couple of weeks… 

Dave, our Technical Lead, explains what he’ll be doing on his trip. (In case you’re wondering, Blaze is the orange ebike from our pilot manufacturing run – you may have seen him splashed across our social media!)


Since Dave arrived in Taiwan we had some pretty special news from our battery manufacturer: the batteries for our first batch of ebikes are now complete! 

This is a massive milestone for us as developing our custom lithium ion battery was one of the most complex parts of designing the FLIT-16. 

Flit lightweight folding ebike - batteries boxed up
FLIT-16 batteries: all boxed up and ready to go!


One of the key things Dave is doing on his trip is building four demo bikes. This is so that we can refine the assembly process and smooth out any kinks before the final assembly of our first batch of FLIT-16s.

These will be the final production FLIT-16s, so will have all of the post-Kickstarter design tweaks that we have made after gathering feedback from hundreds of test rides. 

He’ll be bringing two of these back to the UK so that you guys can try them out!

Flit lightweight folding ebike - welded rear swing arms
Four rear swing arms (the part that swings underneath the bike when it folds) welded and ready for assembly


Fancy being one of the first to test ride our production FLIT-16s? Let us know!

We can organise personal test rides in either Cambridge or London.

Unfortunately due to the uncertainties around coronavirus the London Bike Show, which we were due to exhibit at in a few weeks time, has been postponed to 3rd – 5th July (a date for the diary!).

We’ll keep you guys updated on the big test ride events that we will be exhibiting at, but for the moment we’re waiting on the official advice for public events.

For all personal test rides that we organise in the meantime, hygiene will be a priority. We will be taking extra steps to ensure this.

If you have any questions about our latest update, please feel free to get in touch! 

You can also check us out on FacebookTwitter or Instagram for more.

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