Manufacturing update: main frame CNC components complete!

Jun 5, 2020

Since our last update, things have been progressing fast! We’re seeing more and more parts of your FLIT-16s coming off the production line which is really exciting.

We’re now ready to weld up the main frames of your ebikes, as all of the main frame CNC components are now complete! For those of you that are new to the FLIT community, these are the parts that are made using a CNC mill that gradually removes material from raw metal to achieve the final desired shape. Finishing these parts is a major milestone for us!

Here are some sneak peaks straight from the factory (you can see the location of each part on the FLIT-16 below):

Flit16 lightweight folding ebike - head tubes 2
These very shiny looking tubes are the front tubes that are located at the front of the bike. These attach to the rotating arms (see below) of the headset, allowing you to steer the bike.
Flit16 folding ebike - bearing
These are what we call the “bearing tubes”, which are inserted into the headset of the bike. 
Flit16 ebike - headset
These are the top rotating arms that make up part of the headset, attaching to the front tube.
Flit16 ebike - headset 2
These are the bottom rotating arms, also making up part of the headset and attaching to the front tube.
Clamp Handles
You can probably guess what these are! They are the clamp handles for the hinges. 
Flit16 lightweight folding ebike - brake bosses
These are the brake bosses, where the brakes are mounted onto the bike.


FLIT16 annotated headset


Once we have welded the main frames, we’re then ready to start heat treatment and alignment, and then the frames are ready to be painted! We can’t wait to show you more footage from the factory over the coming weeks as we get closer to finished FLIT-16s.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch – we’re always happy to chat!

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