Manufacturing update: welding continues, electrical assembly complete

Jul 16, 2020

Another week… another set of parts welded! 

In our last update, we showed you some photos of the rear swing arm (the part that swings under the bike when folding) being welded.

Welding of the main frames continues in the factory, and this week we were finishing up the bottom brackets. This is the part that holds the torque sensor, which detects how hard you are pedalling so that the controller can tell the motor how much of a boost to give you.

We have more welding to complete, but this is an exciting stage as we can see your FLIT-16s really taking shape.

Flit-16 lightweight folding ebike - bottom bracket welding
All welded up and ready to go… the bottom bracket of the FLIT-16 (the part that holds the torque sensor)


We have also just completed the manufacture of all parts that make up the electrical assembly! As the name suggests, the electrical assembly contains the main parts of the electrical system, as shown in the diagram below. This whole unit slots into the top tube of the bike.

Electrical Assembly Labelled
The electrical assembly – the unit sits inside the top tube of the FLIT-16

A key part of this is the “controller support” (see the photos below) that carries the motor controller, dissipates heat, and keeps all of the internal wires tidy. It is the last part of the assembly that we had to complete – so that’s another big milestone reached!

Donkey body
This part is the controller support – it houses the motor controller, dissipates heat, and keeps all wires neat and tidy.
Donkey body 2
The controller support slots into the top tube of the FLIT-16, and is located towards the front of the bike.


As we mentioned in our last update, Dave, FLIT’s Technical Lead, is off to visit the factory in just a few weeks’ time!

It’s been tricky to arrange international travel in the current climate, but special permission has been granted for manufacturing inspection trips to Taiwan as long as strict guidelines are followed (eg. Dave must present a negative COVID-19 test taken within the last 72 hours at the airline check-in desk).

We now have the final dates for Dave’s trip: he’s flying on the 7th August, spending 14 days in quarantine in Taipei, and then visiting the factory to supervise the final assembly of your ebikes before seeing them loaded onto the ship for their ocean voyage to the UK.

For those of you newer to the FLIT story, below is a video from Dave’s trip to the factory last October for a pilot manufacturing run. This gives you an idea of some of the steps involved in making each FLIT-16 come to life. We’ll be updating you with more photos and videos whilst he’s there too!

An overview of Dave’s factory visit for a pilot manufacturing run in October (this is when we manufactured Blaze, our orange demo bike)

As always, if you have any questions about our latest update, please feel free to get in touch!

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