Outlet open! Great savings on pre-owned FLIT-16 ebikes that ride like new

Jan 21, 2022

At FLIT, we’re all about getting as many people on bikes as we can, and helping everyone to enjoy the ride. We also want to make sure that each of our ebikes has a long life, so that our riders can get the most enjoyment out of them!

That’s why we’re very excited to launch our FLIT outlet – with pre-owned FLIT-16s available at great prices (with savings from £250 upwards!).

Save from £250 upwards on a fully refurbished FLIT-16 that rides like new

Fully refurbished ebikes, ready for a new home

These ebikes have been fully refurbished, quality checked and test ridden by our engineers to make sure they ride like new.

They have all been ridden less than 250km, have very minor cosmetic imperfections, and are ready for a new home!

To help you choose which bike is right for you, we have included photos and a description of any minor imperfections so that you can see exactly what condition your bike will be in.

Each outlet ebike is fully refurbished, quality checked and test ridden by our engineers

For your peace of mind, outlet ebikes come with a 3 year warranty on the frame, and a 2 year warranty on the electrical system.

They will be delivered to your door within 2 weeks of ordering, and arrive fully assembled – so that you can get riding ASAP!

Better still, refurbished FLIT-16s are also eligible for Cycle to Work – so you can save up to 44% on top of the already discounted price. Outlet ebikes are eligible through either Cyclescheme, or Green Commute Initiative (GCI), so check that your employer is registered with one of these. 

Please note that outlet ebikes are not eligible through Cycle Solutions. This is because each Cycle to Work scheme provider charges as admin fee to the retailer (us), which is a percentage of the total value of your application. Cycle Solutions charges the highest fee, at 12% (compared to Cyclescheme at 8.33% and GCI at 5%), which we cannot absorb on already discounted bikes.

Delivered to your door within 2 weeks of ordering, fully assembled so that you can start riding ASAP!

Save £250 upwards on ebikes that ride like new!

Shop the outlet now to make great savings, and give our refurbished FLIT-16s a good new home.

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