Pilot manufacturing run complete!

Oct 31, 2019

Dave landed back in the UK just yesterday from his two week trip to Taiwan for our pilot manufacturing run, bringing very exciting news (and a suitcase full of Blaze Orange bike parts!).

We’re pleased to say that our pilot manufacturing run went smoothly, and is now complete! Dave brought home with him one of the four ebikes that were manufactured during the trial run (which is the much anticipated Blaze Orange FLIT-16), so we are now re-assembling it at our offices in Cambridge. The other three ebikes are with the testing facility for final certification (previous prototypes have passed the required tests, so this should be a formality on the final version).

Flit 16 folding ebike - assembly of the blaze orange flit-16
Dave and Joe assembling the rear swing arm of our brand new FLIT-16 in Blaze Orange!


We’ve compiled some behind the scenes footage from Dave’s trip, so you can get an idea of exactly what goes on in the factory! Here’s a quick overview of his time in Taiwan…

This video shows the bike going from CNC parts to a welded and assembled frame – it actually ends on the test assembly of the FLIT-16 before it was painted. The test assembly is crucial for us to check that the fold works!

After this point, the parts of the frame are then individually painted, and then the painted parts are assembled to create the finished ebike.

As Dave had to travel back with the bike in parts, we have to re-assemble it at our offices in Cambridge. We’ll be sharing footage of the finished Blaze Orange FLIT-16 very shortly!

Flit-16 folding bike - blaze orange
Flit-16 folding bike – blaze orange


As we mentioned in our previous update, we are also going to be sharing some more in depth videos on the processes involved in the manufacture of the FLIT-16 – so make sure you keep an eye out for our next update!

If you have questions in the mean time please do get in touch. 

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