Update from Dave’s trip to Taiwan

On Tuesday this week Dave, our technical lead, touched down in Taiwan for his visit to our manufacturing partner. Over the past few days he’s been spending time over in the factory, helping out with the assembly of our pilot manufacturing run of FLIT-16s.

Dave in the frame factory, matching parts to the drawings.


You may remember from our previous update that the first (very shiny looking!) CNC parts had been made. Since Dave arrived in Taiwan, welding and assembly of the parts has begun! So those pieces are starting to look more and more like the FLIT-16. 

Dave checking one of the manufacturing fixtures (these are used to hold parts in place) before welding. 
The chain stays being welded to the yoke (this is part of what we call the ‘rear swing arm’, which is the rear part of the bike that swings under when folding).

Whilst he’s in the factory, Dave is capturing as much as he can on video, so that we can give you guys a behind the scenes view of what’s going on. 

Once we’ve compiled all of the footage, we’ll be sharing a video with you so that you can get an idea of what production looks like! 

Dave will also be explaining some of the processes involved in the building of the bike, for those of you with more of an interest in the engineering side. 

A welded section of the rear swing arm. These chain stays are relatively tricky to manufacture, as they are tapered (they get smaller in diameter towards the end), oval shaped and curved! 

In a couple of weeks time we’ll be sharing our behind the scenes video with you, but if you have any questions in the mean time please feel free to drop us a line! Check back here or follow our Facebook,Instagram, or Twitter accounts to find out more!

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