The FLIT Story

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Dave & Alex (Co-Founders of FLIT) met whilst studying in Beijing

Dave & Alex at the Great Wall

Electric two-wheelers were booming in China at the time, and we saw a real opportunity to develop an ebike for European cities. We wanted to design a folding ebike that could be taken on trains, undergrounds and buses: giving people lots of flexbility when travelling through the city.



We relocated back to the UK, to the cycling capital Cambridge to start FLIT.


David Turpin, an Industrial Designer, joined our team - turning Dave's engineering drawings into beautiful designs.

David Turpin

David designed the iconic 'pop phone'!


We were awarded the Department for Transport grant to build our first prototypes.



We were accepted onto the Accelerate programme at the Cambridge Judge Business School (the best in Cambridge!)


We built our first prototype, which we presented it at the Hello Tomorrow Conference in Paris!

AM with Bike at Hello Tomorrow (Compressed)

Alex presenting our first prototype (you'll notice a huge difference to the current FLIT-16 design!) 



Started the Design Council's Spark Accelerator programme.


Awarded a special commendation from the Design Council!


Began working with our manufacturing partner, a specialist aluminium frame manufacturer, in Taiwan

Alex, Dave and Joe at a specialist fork factory


Our first manufacturing prototype (which we named the FLIT-16, after its 16" wheels) was made!

Flit folding electric bike unfolded

Our second prototype - closer to the FLIT-16 design, but still lots to change!



Initial mechanical testing and tooling complete.


Our first round of prototypes built on tooling: Marengo and Maya!

Flit lightweight folding ebike - flit-16 in marengo grey and maya blue

Meet Marengo and Maya, the look is mostly there now!


We launched on Kickstarter! 


Our launch campaign raised over 450% of its target, so we extended our pre-order offer to Indiegogo


Production begins with pilot manufacturing run.

Flit lightweight folding ebike - welding has begun!

Welding in the frame factory.


Pilot manufacturing run complete: meet Blaze, hot off production tooling.

Flit-16 folding ebike - design changes labelled

Here are all of the design changes that we've made based on test rider feedback.



Mechanical frame testing complete and manufacture of frame parts begins.

Flit lightweight folding ebike - yokes boxed up

Parts of the rear frame manufactured and ready for assembly


Dave in Taiwan to visit the factory and help out with the manufacture of our first batch of FLIT-16s

Flit lightweight folding ebike - riding to the factory

Dave's ride to work - not too shabby!


Batteries complete!

Flit lightweight folding ebike - batteries boxed up

FLIT-16 batteries all boxed up and ready to go

Dave brings two demo bikes back to the UK for test rides.


Manufacture well underway - all CNC main frame parts complete

Flit16 ebike - headset

CNC-ed frame parts ready to go! This is part of the headset at the front of the bike. Not sure what CNC means? CNC milling is a process of gradually removing material from a solid block until you reach the desired shape. We have lots of complicated shapes in the FLIT-16 which CNC milling allows us to create.


Welding of the main frames begins

For some behind the scenes welding action check out our blog post here.

Flit-16 welding rear swing arm

Welding up the rear swing arm of the bike (the part of the bike that swings underneath during folding)


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dave is granted special permission to fly out to Taiwan so that he can oversee final assembly

Dave en route to Taiwan

Dave en route to Taiwan to visit our manufacturing partner


Painting and final assembly begins!

For a backstage tour of what happens during these final stages, have a read of our blog post here.

Hand-finishing marengo grey FLIT-16 frames

Assembly of first manufacturing batch complete!

FLIT-16 fleet begins its ocean voyage to the UK


FLIT-16 fleet arrives at our warehouse in Cambridge, UK!

Team + bikes

The FLIT team with the first FLIT-16 fleet

Quality checking begins - we check and test ride every single bike to make sure that it's perfect before sending to customers


Delivery of first FLIT-16s to customers!

Alex delivering bikes in Cambridge

What better Christmas present! Alex hand delivered bikes to some of our local customers



All bikes from our first manufacturing batch delivered!

Happy customers all around the world.

FLIT celebrations, all FLIT-16s delivered

Time to celebrate! Thanks so much to one of our customers who sent this photo all the way from New York City


#FlitFoldFast Competition - we ran a competition to see which one of our riders could fold their FLIT-16 the fastest.

The answer... an incredible 7.43 seconds!

Flit Fold Fast Competition - celebrating

Meet Stuart, King of the Fold

Flit fold fast competition - winning fold time


We built our dream R&D workshop! The perfect space for our engineers to develop new ideas...

Wide Angle of the new workshop Our R&D workshop


Great to see our riders enjoying their FLIT-16s, and leaving such lovely reviews on Trustpilot.

Happy riders + Trustpilot review

Happy riders!


#FlitTightFit Competition - we ran a competition to see where our riders could fit their FLIT

Jeremy's winning shot The winning entry! Jeremy fit his FLIT into the back of his Austin 7, Chummy - the perfect road trip set up with the picnic basket too.


Our first live event since the pandemic: Fully Charged OUTSIDE!

Fully Charged OUTSIDE 2021

Dave and Matt demo-ing the FLIT-16



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