Manufacturing: assembly complete!

Sep 18, 2020

This was a good week! After three years developing the FLIT-16, it was an amazing moment to see our first FLIT fleet come off the production line. 

The assembly factory was a hive of activity as frame parts and components were loaded onto the production line and assembled stage by stage into finished FLIT-16s. They were then boxed up and loaded into the container, ready for shipping to the UK!

As the final ebikes came off the production line, we also sold out of the bikes remaining from this batch (there is now a waiting list) – so this week has been a pretty momentous one for us.

Dave + first boxed up bikes
Boxed up FLIT-16s ready to be shipped (+ a very happy Dave)!

Watch below to see the last ebikes being built, boxed up and loaded into the container to begin their journey to the UK.


Next week, the shipment will begin its ocean voyage to the UK.

To reach our warehouse in the UK will take 4-6 weeks, depending on how long it takes to clear customs.

Once the shipment arrives safely with us, we will add the finishing touches. This includes installing the extension cables for the motor controller that we mentioned last week, along with quality checking each bike by hand. We will then pack your accessories alongside your ebike, and send it out for delivery!

Delivery will be quickest for UK customers, and will take a little longer if you’re based in Europe or the US.

It’s been a long (and sometimes bumpy) road taking the FLIT-16 from concept to manufacturing during a pandemic, but we’re thrilled with the end result. We really couldn’t have gotten this far without your support.

We can’t wait to deliver your ebike to you soon. Thank you again for your continued patience; we’re in the home stretch now!

If you have any questions about this update or order please feel free to get in touch.

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