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Sep 2019

Kickstarter campaign ended!

Battery tooling complete.

Oct 2019

Pilot manufacturing run and battery samples complete!

Mechanical frame testing begins.

Nov 2019

Blaze Orange FLIT-16 re-assembled in the UK

Frame manufacture (CNC parts) begins.

Dec 2019

Begin injection moulding tooling for various frame parts

Headset redesign begins (due to tolerance issue)

JAN 2020

Mechanical frame testing complete

Battery certification complete

Battery manufacture begins

Headset redesign finalised, testing begins

Chinese New Year (national holiday in Taiwan)

FEB 2020

Headset testing complete

Dave goes to Taiwan to assemble sample bikes

Mar 2020

Battery manufacture complete

Electrical testing begins

Manufacture of front assembly CNC parts begins

Apr 2020

Forks complete

May 2020

All frame part CNC components manufactured

Electrical testing complete

JUN 2020

Welding of frame parts begins

Delayed components (due to coronavirus) arrive in Taiwan

Jul 2020

Machining and welding of frame parts continues.

Aug 2020

Dave goes to Taiwan for final bike assembly

Painting and assembly of frame parts


Sep 2020

Motor controller cable length fixed

First batch of FLIT-16s complete!

Bikes shipped from Taiwan to the UK

Oct 2020

Bikes en route to the UK

Nov 2020

Ship arrives in the UK

Final quality checks and accessory packing

First bikes delivered to backers!

Dec 2020

More bikes delivered to backers!

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